Why Inhalation Therapy

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Why Inhalation Therapy

Delivery of medicines via inhalation has been around for centuries.

It has been known for a long time that the inhalation of medicine allows both targeted delivery to the lung for the treatment of lung diseases, and rapid absorption into the blood stream for the treatment of diseases throughout the body. As modern medicine has advanced, a better understanding regarding how inhaled particles behave when delivered by an inhaler has led to both challenges and opportunities.

Delivering medicines via inhalation offers a potential solution for medicines which are metabolized by first pass mechanism or associated with gastrointestinal or liver adverse events.

In addition, harnessing this route administration allows for targeted delivery to the lung for the treatment of lung diseases, thereby helping minimize systemic adverse events.

The challenge is that the expertise in this area is highly specialized, and there are few companies which are dedicated to developing only inhaled drug-device products. We at Transpire Bio are committed solely to the advancement of inhaled therapeutics for the purpose of improving the risk-benefit profile of known molecules and improving access to these medicines.