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William Schachtner
Chief Technical Operations Officer

William Schachtner is Transpire Bio’s Chief Technical Operations Officer, responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership to the development and commercial manufacturing activities for Transpire Bio’s overall product portfolio. In addition, William will also oversee the GMP facilities for Transpire Bio’s US operations.

He began his career with 3M Pharmaceuticals with an emphasis in pMDI development and manufacturing.  He then transitioned to consulting which then progressed to positions at PPD’s GMP Labs and then to Lupin’s Inhalation Research Center.

Over the course of his career, William has been involved in the development of numerous pMDI, DPI and nebulizer products in the areas of formulation, testing, manufacturing, product support and project management.  He has been involved in the inhalation drug industry for over 40 years and served on the AAPS Inhalation and Nasal Technology Focus Group for several years.